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Many clients ask what’s the difference between artistic and glamour nudes. My answer is simple. Artistic nudes concentrate on the form and figure – a celebration of the human body, while glamour nudes are more of an expression of sensuality and romance. When you think of artistic nudes, think about the great sculptures and the images that you feel express the beauty of the human body. For instance this image:

Artistic Nude

Our most popular Art Nude Pose

It’s a wonderful example of the simplicity of an artistic nude that leaves the viewer with a feeling of beauty. And when you think of a glamour nude, think of images that may be seen in a magazine where the viewer feels there is a sensual element to the image. For example, this image:

Boudoir Photographer in Atlanta

Atlanta’s Preferred Boudoir and Nude Photographer

I realize the model in the image is not nude, but I’m sure that you get the idea without my post being reported to anyone. 🙂

My clients often want a combination of both. We typically start with the Art Nudes and then the Glamour Nudes, and then perhaps Boudoir to get a good variety of images to choose from.

I hope that this explanation helps you decide what images you would like to capture. Give us a call today and make an appointment for your photo session!


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Well, did you get him that unforgettable unique present yet? No? Well it’s not too late if you want to get him something he probably has never thought you would, a Boudoir Album of YOU!!! Sure, this is something that you would be a little nervous about, but believe me, we have never had anyone come in that didn’t totally enjoy their session. They all tell me that at first they are nervous, but when they see the images coming up on the monitor and realize how hot they look, they quickly lose the nerves and get into the shoot.

So what’s a Boudoir shoot all about? Easy, it can be anything you want it to be – from fully clothed to fully nude and anything in-between. It’s all about you and presenting your sexy self to him in an album. You can even add some artistic nudes to the mix if you want to.

Imagine sitting by the fireplace, a glass of wine, snuggled up. You present the album to him. As he opens it you see his breath coming faster and that glow in his eyes. “WOW” he says as he slowly opens each page. “You are HOT!!!” he mumbles as he catches his breath between each photo. It’s going to be a good evening…

You know you have always wanted to do this so call and make your appointment today. Do it now so that we have enough time to be sure to have everything back by Valentine’s day. But if you miss the great occasion to give him a great present, there’s always his birthday or your anniversary, or for no other reason than to say “I love you”.

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Casual Elegance Photography © 2007

Casual Elegance Photography © 2007


Atlanta’s Finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography!

Atlanta Boudoir

Atlanta’s finest in Boudoir and Nude Photography – Casual Elegance Photography


Boudoir Photography

Atlanta Nude Photographer

Boudoir and Nude Photography in Atlatna

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