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Yesterday’s client was such a joy to work with. She’s done other shoots and wanted a few more images – ones she had seen in my book that she liked. The images took a change in sets half way through to get the two different looks she wanted, but it was well worth it! She’s planning on coming back for a Christmas shoot. 🙂

What I truly enjoy about this job is that you meet some really great people. Many come in with specific ideas in mind, others ask my advice, but they all have one thing in common – they want to get exceptional images and they want the quality that Casual Elegance Photography ® can provide. And once they arrive for their shoot and see how awesome they look in the shots (we see every shot on the computer as we shoot them) they gain confidence in themselves so the shoot turns into a shoot for themselves too. I love the way they transform and start believing in themselves – like “look how hot I am”.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for a shoot – you’ll be glad you did!!!



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Guys are now getting in on the Boudoir Photography Sessions that women have been doing for years. It’s a growing trend. Over the past few months I’ve had several calls and emails from guys asking about “Boudoir Photography for Men” which I term “Dude-oir Photography”. So what’s it all about? Well, picture some of the old “Playgirl” stuff combined with the rugged poses like you see in some ads – guy with his shirt off, etc. Most shoots also include a few artistic nudes. One very popular pose is like Roden’s “The Thinker”. It brings out the contours of the male physique yet remains tasteful and classic. Another popular pose is basically a straight on shot with rim/side lighting – lighting the body from the side and shadowing the other side and front. Arms, side abs, shoulders, and thigh muscles are brought out really nicely in this pose.

So guys, want a really cool gift for someone? Think about booking a Dude-oir session. Every session I’ve done so far has been a hit with the guy’s loved one. Recently a wife came in to pick up the prints and she said “these are really hot!!! They are getting hung up in our master bathroom so I can see them every day!”


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On our website you can read the client testimonials about their whole Boudoir or Nude Photographic experience. Although most were nervous in the beginning, I can say that I have never had a client walk out of the studio unhappy. In fact, most have already started talking about their next session! It’s hard to explain the transformation that occurs from the time they walk in to the time they leave but it’s amazing in my opinion. Please take a few minutes and look over the “Testimonials” that are on our site. I think that they sum up the experience and how they felt about the session. I am very proud of the opportunity I have to show people how beautiful they really are. Many clients start the whole process of the shoot as a present for their loved one and end up making it a present for themselves.

The testimonials can be seen by clicking on the banner below, Portfolio 1, Testimonials.

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This past week we spent several hours fine tuning a set of shots for a magazine ad for aged Scotch.  One of the neighbors at the studio location is an importer of Scotch and other liquors.  We’ve worked with them in the past when the manufacturer couldn’t provide images for their catalogue quickly enough, but this shoot will be for a magazine ad to be run nationally.   Shooting products is a bit different from shooting nudes or headshots.  Lighting is critical and it’s especially difficult when the glass reflects the lights.   It takes several changes of lighting and product placement to get the desired results.  I’m so thankful that we use high tech equipment so the client could see the images as we shot them and input their thoughts.   It worked out great!   We got the sample shots for their approval and will edit the final one as soon as they are in agreement on the best one.    We LOVE to do Product Photography!   It’s really fun!

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As of Tuesday of this week we finally got the air condition system fixed.  The building that our studio is in has 5 other companies in their own suites, but the building has been divided so many times that the AC and heat were a mixed up mess.   One of the new companies needed  more cooling so the AC company too 2 ducts from our suite (unknown to us) and moved them to the other company.  That left us with little to no AC at all.  After discussing the options with the landlord, he decided to give us a completely new HVAC system and give our old one to the other company.  Now we have all the AC and heat we need, and it’s all controlled from one thermostat (had 2 before – one for heat and one for AC).

So now you can do your HOT sexy shoot in our cool studio!  With the temperatures reaching into the high 90’s, you’ll be comfortable in the studio while heating up the images!   🙂

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