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Last week was a full week.   Had to do a product shoot, 2 couples artistic nude sessions, 2 head shot sessions, and update the computer.   To add to the excitement the A/C at the studio wasn’t working very well.  After getting a minute to look up in the ceiling I noticed that two of my 10″ ducts had been removed and were now going to another business at the studio’s location.   Hmmmmm…   a call to the landlord.  He said that the AC company had not done what he asked.  They were supposed to move two different ducts, so I had to disconnect the ducts and reconnect my ducts.   The only good that came out of it was that the landlord is going to fix the original system that supplied my studio and give me a much better system for HVAC.   Can’t wait!!!!

Business is picking up again – it’s so cyclic…   we have a few more couples nudes shoots planned and one of them will be an Erotic Couples Shoot.   We are in discussions on poses and what they want to get out of the shoot.  We also have several headshot sessions and a couple of boudoir sessions planned.  I’m in the planning stage for an On Location shoot at a client’s business to get shots for them for their website.  In addition we will be shooting several more products for another client over the next few weeks.

It’s nice to be busy again!!!   http://www.casualelegancephotograpy.com

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Photographing Couples in an Artistic Nude session is a wonderful experience.  I love the way the couple comes alive and shows their bond during the session.  I love the way the light plays on the bodies – hiding in shadows and allowing highlights to catch the eye.  I love the poses – each showing the sensual bonding of the souls.

I’ve done many couples artistic nude shoots (both Males and Females as well as same sex couples) but they just keep amazing me.   My feeling is that there is nothing more romantic and sensual than the two nude bodies entwined in a pose that’s both classic and classy.  A true romantic image.  And I feel honored that couples come to me from all over the U.S. to be photographed by me.   They’ve seen the images on my site and felt that I can provide the images they are looking for.   And the images on my site are just the tip of the iceberg because I don’t use client images on my site or anywhere.

So if you are looking for the finest in Couples Artistic and Nude photography, give me a call or send me a note.




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At Casual Elegance Photography ® we do a lot of headshots.  Many clients realize the importance of having a great up to date headshot and always insist on makeup artist services.  But others don’t necessarily know how important it is to look your very best in a headshot.

A head shot is the way you are remembered and the way you are typically selected to interview for a job.  Your headshot is your advertising campaign, your sales kit, and your calling card.   It should be up to date with the way you look so we recommend updates every 6 months.   Using a makeup artist helps make sure that your shots will look their very best – no shine, an even complexion, and an overall professional look to the shot.  Yes, we can clean things up in post production, but why not start with a great base?  It makes sense to use everything you can to your advantage.

There are several “tricks” for the beginning model or actor to cut costs but still end up with a quality product.  For instance, if you order reproductions of your headshots online you may have to order 100 or more at a time.  But some times you won’t need that many.  So you can have 10 or so done at your local discount store’s photo center, then put a sticker on the back of the print with your name, stats, and contact information.  By doing it this way you can also have a few different headshots for each different field you are looking to enter.  All at a reasonable cost.

When you need quality acting, modeling, and corporate headshots, Contact Casual Elegance Photography ® – we can get the shot you need to get you noticed!

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