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I just picked up a bunch of client images from the lab. When I got to the studio I started to look them over as usual, but my thoughts soon turned to seeing them in a totally different light. I usually inspect them to see how the print turned out – balanced, correct colors, etc. But today I looked at them and thought “wow – art in its purest form, the human form”. I know that our tag line has always been “Creating Art from Life”, but today I saw it come alive for several different clients. One in particular, a 16×20, wowed me even more than when I shot it and edited it… I was in awe. Her perfect look, the shadows, highlights, and the overall “feel” made me realize once more that I LOVE what I do.

The field of photography that chose me (I still don’t feel like I chose it, but more like it guided me to choose it) is the Nude. Be it artistic nudes, glamour nudes, or erotic nudes, I love to see the way my clients light up the lens and create their own special art as we shoot. It’s one thing that never “keeps me awake at night” because I know at the end of the day that I’ve enriched someone else’s life and we have Created Art from Life.



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Why should you choose Casual Elegance Photography ® for your Boudoir, Glamour, or Artistic Nude photographs? First, check our website and I think that will give you the most important answer to that question. Then read on…

I feel that the most important element to getting gorgeous results is the comfort of the client. Anyone can take a shot of a woman standing in a room, wearing lingerie, or sitting on a sofa wearing lingerie, but lately I’ve seen a lot of shots where it looks like just that – like anyone took the photos! The women look totally out of their comfort zone and there is nothing to “glam up” the shot in terms of accessories, props, sets… So the shots just fall flat. Here are some of the most important factors to a great photoshoot and outstanding photos.

Makeup, makeup, makeup! I always highly recommend that my boudoir and glamour nude clients have their makeup professionally done. The makeup artists Casual Elegance Photography ® uses are skilled in applying makeup specifically for our style of photoshoots. Makeup for photography is very different than “everyday” makeup. Suffice it to say that how your makeup looks can make or break the photoshoot. You will look glamourous and beautiful with our professional makeup artists doing your makeup for you. Although our makeup artists can do some very minor hair styling, they are not hair stylists. So if you really want your hair styled let me know and I will get a quote to add one to your shoot for you.

The next most important part of the boudoir shoot… Sets! A beautiful set helps my clients to relax because the minute they see how the set pops up on the screen, and how gorgeous they look in it, it puts them at ease. We have thought about it at length and have purchased several different bedding sets as well as curtains, lamps, and screens to be able to modify the set at a moment’s notice that will work with the clients attire. Our basic set colors work with a wide variety of people, but we have the ability to fine tune the set for you. We also have accessories to add to those sets which come up beautifully in the shots and lend a “playboy” atmosphere to the photographs. We feel so strongly about the importance of the environment for a successful boudoir or glamour nude image, that we have a whole section of the studio devoted to just that – boudoir and glamour nude.

One of our commercial clients has even given us several varieties of new lingerie so that if something a client brings for their shoot just doesn’t give them the look they want, they aren’t stuck without any other alternatives. We seldom ever use the stuff but in a pinch we have something around that will work. In later blogs we’ll discuss lighting, camera angles and other elements of a successful boudoir or glamour nude shoot.

Here is a sample of one of our sessions and one of our sets.

Boudoir, glamour and artistic nude images make great gifts for a variety of occasions! Visit our website and give us a call to schedule an appointment soon!
Casual Elegance Photography

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There is a boom in the bridal boudoir photography venue lately. Just a reminder that if you are getting married during the next few months you need to allow plenty of time to get your boudoir pics taken, and back to you before your big day. The Spring is always a busy time in general, but the demand for boudoir photography sessions always peaks at this time of year. To make sure you can get an appointment that fits your schedule, plan ahead! We have hours that will work with almost every schedule but they also fill up quickly. In fact, we get calls from brides to be several months in advance – they want to make sure they have plenty of time to get their shoot scheduled. Now THAT is what we call planning ahead!

We offer several products to make the gift special. A 12 months calendar, a book, prints for an album, or an electronic wallet that they can carry with them on trips. All designed to keep the love of their life in mind.

For the finest in professional boudoir, glamour, and artistic nude photography check out our website, and give us a call to schedule your session.
Casual Elegance Photography

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It’s that time of year when weddings are in bloom. 🙂 Brides – We can help you get those Boudoir Images that you want to give your loved on! At Casual Elegance Photography ® we are experts at Boudoir, Glamour, and Nude Photography. We can build a book of the photos, a calendar, just prints, or a CD with the images on it. The possibilities are vast and the quality of the work is awesome.

Check our website for samples of our work, client testimonials, and the services we offer. We are professional, experienced, and our studio is comfortable and private.


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HOW TO LOOK GOOD NAKED! Ruth wrote about this show a year ago – but it had already ended. The new season never really got momentum,but the show still was something good because every woman who has body issues of any sort should watch the archives of this show!

How To Look Good Naked aired on the Lifetime channel. Carson Kressley, a native of Lehigh County, Penn, whom she just loves, hosts the show. He makes us laugh and he is so compassionate and gentle of spirit. Each week the show focuses on a different woman with body issues. It can move you to tears to hear them talk about themselves so keep the tissues handy!! He works with the women throughout the show, addressing the flaws they see in themselves, and slowly building their self confidence. At the end of the show they do a photoshoot – naked. And they LOVE IT! As Ruth said in another post, “Mark and makeup artist Lisa were talking about the show one day after a photoshoot and they said ‘That’s what WE do!'” The truth is, if you want to feel empowered and extraordinary about yourself, book a boudoir, glamour or artistic nude photoshoot with Casual Elegance Photography ®! Read the testimonials on our website http://www.casualelegancephotography.com and you’ll see what we mean!

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Casual Elegance Photography is now offering a package that allows our clients to create a 12-month calendar beginning on any month they choose. We’ve found a fantastic company to work with to produce the calendars. They will print boudoir, artistic, and up to Playboy style nudes. We did one for a client as an anniversary gift for her husband who is stationed overseas. She added captions to each month’s photograph and it was absolutely gorgeous! She was completely blown away and so excited to send it to him, and we were thrilled to finally have a quality product in the calendar line to offer our clients.

Each calendar contains 13 fully edited images (12 months plus cover). You can choose to have the calendar printed with or without U.S. Holidays. Your calendar can be photographs only, or you can choose to add captions to each month’s image. The package includes up to 2 hours in the studio, and makeup artist “paint and go” services. This is a great gift idea for brides who are looking for a unique gift for their groom, and can lead up to their first anniversary in style! Whether you need a unique birthday gift, anniversary gift, or just a gift to say I Love You, this is one gift that will keep on giving all year.

We will have the package listed on our website by tomorrow, or you can call or email Mark to inquire. info@casualelegancephotography.com or 770-294-5225 Casual Elegance Photography Website www.casualelegancephotography.com

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More and more couples are doing artistic nude photo sessions. One client told me that they wanted to celebrate their love by doing some artistic images that they could put on the walls of their bedroom and bath. We shot with my D700 in RAW to get crisp images that could be made into 24×36 prints. Although the RAW images take more time to transfer wirelessly from the camera to the computer, it’s worth the time because using RAW allows me to do many more things with the images than I could if they were shot as JPGs. So when shooting for very large images, RAW seems to be the best wary to do it rather than JPGs which I usually take for medium size prints. I’m going to try connecting the camera to the computer with a cable next time to see the difference in the speed of transfer. I’m hoping that it will be so much faster that I can use RAW more often. Right now a RAW image takes over 30 seconds to transfer and a JPG takes about 8 – 10 seconds.

If I get some time I’m also going to try shooting with my Fuji S3 Pro connected by Firewire. The camera has unbelievable dynamic range and I’m hoping that it will help with some of the art nudes I’ve been shooting lately. The nice thing about the way the studio is set up, I have a cart with the computer, monitor, and everything (including a UPS) that I can roll it anywhere in the studio and see the shots instantly. So cording the camera to it shouldn’t be a problem like a fixed position system.

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